With ‘Remember (Boom Boom Boom)’, Lotte BMFee and DJ Herr Wolf devise an atmospheric spell of romance and nostalgia. It is an expansive spread, consistently elucidated with revolving frames of beats and melodies. The track is the duo’s second collaborative release, following the success of their festive single, ‘Christmas House’. Both the artists have unique stylistic perspectives and sonic personalities. Seamlessly integrating the minimalistic evocation of Lotte with the visual synth horizons of Herr Wolf, an electronic enigma forms. A resonance that irrevocably intertwines the pulse of music and the beat of a heart.

iTunes Artwork for 'Remember (Boom Boom Boom) - Single (by DJ Herr Wolf & Lotte BMFee)'

The track is intuitively composed, weaving in nostalgic vocal harmonies and ethereal sway with pulsating beat fusions. Lotte’s vocals are charmed with memories and moments of love’s past. It is as if they arise from the deep echo chambers of the heart, conduits of thought, joy, and celebration. Their soft curls, textures, and chroma are elated by the eclectic percussive range – folk, dance, techno, and chillwave. Can’t help but marvel at the contemplative, creative, and cinematic brilliance of the track. Listen Now!

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