Loudar has a spectacular musical personality. The artist has a reverent ability to create nuclear sonic fusions and fissions. As evidenced by his discography, the artist masterfully engineers his work to have hyperbolic effects that sweep us into galactic dimensions. His zeal for hardstyle and raw style manifests in sensational forms and mystical soundscapes. In his new single, Little Susie, Loudar delves into haunting themes and nurtures them with deep house evocation.

The cinematic appeal of the song is spectacular. The track opens with mellow acoustic vocals and delicate piano melodies. But, it does not in any way serve as a prediction for the dramatic way in which the track unfolds. This magnificent architecture of the track speaks to the showmanship of the artist and his innate ability to drive up energy.

Dominated by supernatural sensibilities and gut-wrenching despondency, the track sparks a tragic illusion. Which is then exponentially dilated by high-energy beat revolutions and explosive laser sonics. It reverberates with a euphoric frequency and pulses with a cold fire; one that annihilates and wreaks destruction of volcanic magnitudes. The artist understands energy and wields it with a propensity that you definitely need at your parties.

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