The Melbourne-based DJ, songwriter, and producer LT Balkin has released yet another infectious EDM track, Dream Of You, featuring Jerry Tee that will have you raving within seconds. With a knack for creating and writing engaging tunes that portray relatable narratives, the artist emerges from punk-rock roots and channels them to manifest flavors of EDM that will totally blow you away.

The infectious tempo is set with tightly wound techno beats and infiltrated by varied beat profiles. We see a cavalier of percussion instruments that layer and dilate the track.  A gradual influx of bass synths and syncopated beats introduce a slow frenzy into the track. The track is packed with an intense sonic build-up that spirals into the compact and dense beat weaves.

Flourishing with hard-style techno, we see transfixing fades and compressions. With an immense blast profile, the concentrated synths vibrate with controlled hyperactivity. Dark and grooving with constrained tension, the track is loosened by the seductive vocals and blossoming synths before going under again.

Measured and precise, the track shows off a divine build-up with mind-bending techniques and expansive ranges. Sprouting trippy landscapes the sonic beat patterns are sustained with a long-attack time and released to its tremendous fruition. The track shows off a dream sequence constructed with dark passion and obsidian lust.

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