German electronic music artist and producer, ŁUКΞ has just released his sophomore single, Divine. And much like the title indicates, the track is a potent build that will drive you to high places. The artist weaves in R&B/Soul sensibilities and pop elements into the versatile electroscape to really bring the theme to light. ŁUКΞ’s music is an elevated form of reality. He appropriates universal emotions and concepts and tucks them into flourishing blends of sonics to make them bigger and better. This instantly put him on the map as a rising star of the German electronic scene. 

The track has a heightened contemporary, e-girl vibe to it.  the singer’s sweet wispy vocals melting into the swirling atmosphere of synths, the soundscape is drizzled with its emotion. It forms a glistening pool of devotion, worship, addiction, lust, sensuality, and adoration. And Luke cultivates the listening experience with pounding dance beats and flashy basslines. 

Despite being only 22 years of age, the artist has a strong musical intuition that guides him. Banking on this, he borrows from the extensive array of electronics, like house, trance, techno, and dance music to form a diverging soundscape. He released his debut single earlier this year and has a steady stream of releases lined up for the rest of year! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Divine by ŁUКΞ here –