Max M is a French music composer and producer who makes modern music masterpieces the original way! Imaginary Problems by Max M is a delightful canvas of electronic pop with immersive melodies and emotive vocals.

The ubiquity of electric synths is the prime appeal of this track. With emotive vocals clinging to the fluid ethereal canvas, Max M makes the track a smooth neon continuum that loops right into the mind. The vocals are arranged like a range of mountains. Beautiful falsettos swell to the top of the world as they are serenaded by a confetti of vocal harmonies and falling synths. We are lifted to transfixing highs as we surge with the frothing musical display.

The pronounced use of double vocals and harmonies refracts the song into a variety of dreamy dimensions. The mellow, lo-fi emotion of the song is reminiscent of sunset skies. It is such an interesting way to bring out the theme of the song. In every euphoric vocal spell, there’s a confounded passion and melancholy. Add to this a magnificent array of dancing beats that bridge the multiverse contained within, the composition is an addiction waiting to happen.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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