Max M is all about emotion! His virtuosic blends are tasked with manifesting a deep emotional cavity within his listeners. He forms and shapes them with the patience of a potter to produce a unique canvas of euphony that stays with you. Used to Be by Max M courses with the melancholic soul of the sea. And to see how he brings together soulful vocals with a vibrant synth canvas is like watching a master at work.

The track glistens like vibrant city lights. Its bejeweled canvas distills the soul to draw out the purest form of romance. And the dreamy lyrics, “Where do we go when we dream at night?” adds mystique and magic to the compositions. We see the use of circular riff disks that streak through the chorus, lined up parallel to the beats and synthetic harmonies.

His fondness for creating delightful visual canvases becomes evident in this track. Using vibrant soundscapes, the artist brings out passion using beautiful vocal flows. With scenic curves of vocals and colorful synth showers, the artist harnesses a heart-melting melancholic nostalgia for what used to be.

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