MDK FLA is a rising electronic-pop artist who exposes eclectic soundscapes hidden behind universal concepts. His unique artistic visions solidify a distinctive style that is unlike no other. Taken from his new album, Elixir, Triple Threat by MDK FLA is an enigmatic synth exhibition with a promise of paradise.

The evolutionary path of the track is very scenic. With ruminating builds, the artist lets us marinate in the small moments that make big destinies. Glassy synths pulse like bright sconces of light before they are elongated into warm riffs that are fuzzed up with a mystery. The vocals are a leitmotif cycle that acts as moments of focus in the dark expanse of the soundscape. Each line of melody courses with electricity, their warm technicolor light illuminating the dark canvas. Like a revolution, the song is an inquisitive river, discovering the secrets of hidden worlds.

The artist’s debut EP, Down To Business, was released in the summer of 2021 which he quickly followed up with three singles and three albums. This year saw a swell of releases from this artist with twelve single releases and four album releases. With each track, MDK FLA delves into sound in deep and affecting ways.

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