Me & Melancholy is the brainchild of musician and producer Peter Ehrling. It’s a one man project that is devoted to electronic explorations of consciousness. Each track sets out the discoveries of the artist’s meditative blooms. ‘Under the cover of darkness’ is the artist’s latest release. The collection explores nocturnal sentiments of the mind as he delves into the varying gradients of melancholy. It’s a powerful album, especially in its bare and uncensored presentations of the theme. This review gets into ‘You Can’t Stop it Now’ to exemplify the conceptual genius of Me & Melancholy. Listen Now!

With synthetic melodies and basslines, the artist crafts his own world, molding it with the irrevocable swell of well, melancholy. Listening to it, you can evidently make out his deep brushes with the emotion. And so, he gives himself to it and wrenches out the state of mind it brings with it. Instead of explaining this space, he recreates its essence with ambient builds and isolating ethereal accents. As they loop into the words, ‘You Can’t Stop it Now, just let it be’, the listener can’t help but be drawn to the artist’s profound dalliance with numbness and feeling.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘You Can’t Stop it Now’ by Me & Melancholy here –