Miriam Love is an artist who is known for her commercial vocals and ecstatic musicality that wins over hearts. Her discography is a vivid array of portrayals of her skills. She is one of those artists who can make your heart go Sha la la la la. She plays with melodicity and her vocal range like a pro making her tracks stand out of the crowd yet loved by several. This is surely an artist who has her own way around music and knows how to carry it. Her tracks are like something pulled right from a dream. This is how good she is with her craft.

I recently came across one of the versions of her track All IN which is named All In (Generation film – Podcast Theme Song) which is surely one of her best works yet. The way she carries the track to a whole different vibe just through her vocals is amazing. The track has some amazing, syncopated drums that will blow your mind away! She has made sure to give in the most elite vocals. Her vocals always take me to a whole different realm. There are places where the guitars are magically woven into this beautiful mesh and that is one of the subtlest impacts I have ever experienced. Dutchian Soul has done a great job with the music making it so addictive. The bouncy vibe of the track makes me loose my mind every time I listen to it! Do give this track a go.

You can catch a little glimpse of All In (Generation film – Podcast Theme song) by Miriam Love here-