Moon and Aries are cross country music duo consisting of Jordana Moon based in Canada and Tom Aries based in Germany. They are self-admittedly influenced by Pop and electronic music which they seamlessly blend to create a unique sound they can call their own. They have been consistently releasing music for two years now and their latest single “Firenight” is an energetic addition to their discography.

The track makes liberal use of sound effects that create an atmospheric effect. The voice of the lead vocalist Jordana Moon is husky and adds to the airy atmosphere the track aims to create which the layering of the background vocals aids immensely. The soft electronic production is light on the ears and on listening to it, one feels like letting it play indefinitely. The background sound effect of people laughing and talking in the bridge is a unique touch that adds to the track’s party-like ambience.

The lyrics dig deep, standing in contrast to the seemingly club-like vanity that the track embodies and this juxtaposition seems to be the forte of Moon and Aries. The project’s name accurately fits the spacey and galactical themes in the penmanship. The first verse points towards something that is about to take place with the line “It’s all coming together now” and many references to nature with words like “light” and “moon” are made. The track alludes to transition at some level through the metaphor of “phoenix” and the main motif – a combination of sun and sky to create a “Firenight”.

“Firenight” by Moon and Aries is hypnotising and perfect to get a party started!