MSW ‘s new multi-genre album, Contours is out with Hold On bringing out popping jazz-funk flavors. Known for unifying diverse styles and musical patterns, the artist creates electronic magic.

What stands out about this track? If you ask me, it is the eternal lines of syncopated beats that loop infectiously through the brain. It orders your mind while also displacing perspectives to new pockets. The sequential melodies are accentuated by smoky vocals that complement the fervor of the beats. Its mellow rhythm, simple textures, and scintillating pop instantly draw our attention.

Twinkling pockets of funk guitar punctuate the canvas beautifully and reflect the quality of the vocals. And, the melodic basslines and syncopated rhythm give the track a fantastic funk imprint that is pleasing to experience. It is amazing to see how trance elements align with the wakefulness of emphatic beats. The vocals seep outside the contours of the beats, their alluring flavors creating an atmosphere of abstract track evolution. Low-key and organic, the track slips away with time, leaving only its memory behind.

The artist inclines toward eclectic, genre-bending blends of Jazz, Rock, House, Techno, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, and even Carnatic Indian Music. His tracks euphonically seek out unity within the diversity of music.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to Hold On by MSW here!