MureKian is an electronic music artist, producer and a DJ with a vision. His ideas birth and nurture such incredible energy. And as you listen to his work, you can feel it form in you and take charge. It is an electric current, surging through the mind and the body. There’s a lot of cerebral quotients that he brings along to his journeys. Fitting it nice and smooth into his house, trance, and techno flows. It consumes your mind until the reality around you begins to dance around you as well. In his latest release, ‘Insomnia’, he erects a hypnotic wall of music. Its rippling beats, echoing beats, and the haunting vocal whispers are all filled with nocturnal energy. And listening to it opens the night inside you. Its darkness, shadows, mysteries, and secrets.

The track alternates between a period of flatness and flutter. While the former lays down a thick and unshakable foundation, the latter throws you up into a dazing trance. With chromatic synths, consuming symmetries, and an addictive beat, it all comes together in a psych trance harmony; demonstrating the dynamism and force of MureKian’s music. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on Soundcloud.

You can listen to ‘Insomnia (Murekian Remix) by MUREKIAN here –