Another electric sonic bloom from Nekter Gun! The American EDM artist and multi-instrumentalist carries a musical heritage and carries it well! And his signature fusions of high emotion with movement sonics and dance beats quickly set him up for success. By 21 Nekter had been in several bands and formed his most recent band, Vestibule. Vestibule toured the northeastern U.S. and released music for 8 years, making waves with their album “Through_the_Surface” as it garnered national and international attention. For his latest release, Don’t Wanna See You Leave, Nekter Gun collaborates with singer-songwriter and pop artist, Pat Ross to deliver an emotionally charged house music. 

The track is a versatile weave of electronic music. Redolent of Zedd and Calvin Harris, it is composed using diverse styles. With melodic mosaics, the track is flushed with emotion which is cultivated by deep house blooms. The vibing synths are propelled to high highs by dance beats before the track drives to a trance crescendo. Powered by lysergic fusions, it is impossible not to get lost in the glorious clouds of electronics. 

Nekter’s musical style has been molded and influenced by the likes of master producers and engineers including Luca Pretolesi, Earl Cohen, Jacquire King, and Emile Haynie. Profound in energy design and production, his solo debut, Neon Night was placed at #18 on the iTunes Electronic Charts Mexico in 2020. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Don’t Wanna See You Leave by Nekter Gun and Pat Ross here –