Nfumé is an imaginative and contemplative electronic music artist and producer. His soundscapes are lo-fi machinations that swirl with futuristic concepts, fathomed by surreal synth and beat pulses. Underlined with a resonant ethereal quality, his soundscapes are free fabrics of sound that flow, twirl, and suspend. In his double single, Saturn Return, Nfumé infuses love, romance, and sensuality into spatial constructs. The two tracks, ‘touch’ and ‘stay a lil longer’ are two sides of the theme. The former ascends with sublime sparks of elation and joy while the latter rolls into folds of yearning and melancholy.

Together, they portray the push and pull of human connections, especially ones that are bound to romantic love.
And Nfumé conceptualizes it with subtle inflections and embellishments. He adjusts the tonalities and mood of the sonic pallets to slowly nudge the listener to the desired emotional space. Throughout the listening session, the listener is engulfed in a sentimental and sensual eternity, etching the mind with each momentous evolution. Listeners of FKJ, Tom Misch, and lo-fi artists are sure to enjoy the profound whisper of this artist’s melodies. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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