The New Zealand-based music producer and artist, Nia Maxx has just released her new single, Minds Collide. Riveting and ravishing, the track will take you to your happy place!

Warm synths open the song, glowing with a spreading radiance. Subtle high keys wink through the canvass before the beat climb has our hearts racing and minds engaged. Putting on a show, the synths dance, fluttering into our souls like neon butterflies. It is as if these dollops of jubilant sound were born in the nebula of stars for they glow with the light of cosmic dalliance.

The artist has a keen sense of euphony and energy play. This is evident from the way she harmoniously harnesses one with the other. Add to this, the soaring wings of emotions that she gives her melodies. The track is an exhilarating and euphoric journey to the mystical lands that float above the clouds. It fills our eyes with magic, our hearts with freedom, and our minds with light.

The dreamy track recreates moments of profound happiness and pumps it with uncontainable energy. It spills all over us and washes away our ordinariness and makes us feel marvelous. It is reminiscent of the feeling of finding your person – the one you get along with like a house on fire and eternalizes the moment for you to relive and remember forever.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to Minds Collide by Nia Maxx here –