Italian-based multi-instrumentalist and musician, Ninni is known for his soothing euphonic creations. His love for music and its potential for magic headline his beautiful compositions. He is known for his rich home-grown acoustics. Using traditional and local instruments he creates a mellow, universal sound that emotes like a heart. In his latest release, For The Last Time, Ninni delves into the cracks of time and relives moments with a loved one who is far gone.

Glinting like the waves under the sun, a delicate guitar fingering opens the song. Its thin illuminating lines trace the contours of nostalgia. The husky texture of the baritones weaves into the slow-dancing melodies to recreate a dreamy scene from the past. Its emotions swell and billow like a ship’s sails as it penetrates deeper into a world of memories. Sparkling piano keys wander the acoustic scape with a beautiful intention.

The artist instills the song with an undying romance that wills time to give in. And the free-fall through the wonderful folds of melody has a paradisiacal eternity to it. Take an enticing walk through Ninni’s serene garden of golden acoustic blooms! Trust me, you will not regret it.

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