Nobody’s Wolf Child is a banner known for the creation of unique sonic universes. Forming as an interactive reality, the artist flushes it with stellar electronic concept, cinematic allure, and a mystical clairvoyance. Leveraging innate human intuition and emotional quotients, storylines are orchestrated with theatrical melodies. ‘LXXVII’ is the artist’s latest single. Ethereal and haunting, its soundscape has an archaic resonance, drawn out of a time and place far far away from now and here. Listening to it, you’ll be struck by the seamless flow of the tale that fills with outworldly imagery and sensibilities that claw at your imagination.

iTunes Artwork for 'LXXVII - Single (by Nobody's Wolf Child)'

There’s a vivid darkness that is manipulated, stretched, refracted, broken, and elevated throughout the composition. It looms like a heavy rain cloud, before being dispersed by other elements. The synths and the vocals, harmonies tie into each other, slathering the thematic gradient in a way that consumes the mind. Expect to find yourself immersed in a cryptic, hypnotic, and alienating sphere of sound. Nobody’s Wolf Child debuted in 2022 and has since released eight productions. Listen Now!

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