Occurrence is a three-piece, post-modern techno/electronica outfit comprising Ken Urban on electronics, Cat, and Johnny Hager on vocals. This hardcore techno group makes a fresh appeal with their inventive industrial and acid styles, propelling sonics to dystopian worlds. With Fudge, Occurrence creates an absurdist’s upholstery with trembling metallics, booming basslines, and a crashing rhythm. The song is the a-side of the band’s latest double single, with Heels Over Head sounding on the b-side.

The track shows off meteoric growth. Its sliding rhythm is composed of skating cymbals and overwriting basslines. Pulsing with formation and bubbling with intensity, it has a mercurial build that is balanced out by the shoegaze style vocals. With every progression, deviant sonics intuitively transform bass textures and the nature of rebellion.

Based in New York City, Occurrence began as a collaboration between Ken and Cat in 2016. After the release of their debut album, The Past Will Last Forever, the outfit expanded to include Johnny as a vocalist. Since then, the band has released 10 singles and four albums, each one a poetic machination of universal themes. Inspired by their post-pandemic reunion, Occurrence is all set to release their new double album, SLOW VIOLENCE in April 2023.

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