OLYM might very soon be responsible for a lot of the music you dance to in your club. With just 2 tracks that he’s released, he’s assuringly got surprises under his belt. With sound composition skills and using the technology he discovers as a gift, his tracks have that genuine care in them. This is his latest single, Run Away(Into the Night).

Swelling synths and a groovy background make this an instant go-to for a dance. The beats and tempo is well laid out, they eventually grow. Arriving at the chorus is an experience in itself, with the various disco-themed effects surprising you along the way. The music is in touch with the 80s era, and OLYM brings his signature sound waves to bring a whole new dimension to the track. Swerves, waves and swells build to the chorus like an experienced DJ would craft his songs, and we see this promise from a young artist like him.

Finest Hour was his release before this, in 2021. The song is a straight edged sword, it has the desired effect of awe and respect it deserves. It has quite a few listens, and is built on a groove, just like this infectious dance track. The vocals are always highlighted and quite polished, the production quality ensuring nothing is diminished. Listen to his single here: