Oxiroma’s soundscapes are sonic cinemas. It is the best way to describe his style of music building. Combining performative elements with ambient evolutions, evocative instrumentals, and conceptual arcs, it shimmers with life. The composer, arranger, songwriter, and producer devotes music as a medium to enliven thoughts, atmospheres, scenes, and sentiments. His latest release is the single, ‘Ascetic Dream’. Full of melancholy, nostalgia, and a rising sense of grief, the song is a landscape, a panorama that comes alive in your mind. You can immediately imagine the score played in the backdrop of movies like Pride & Prejudice or even some of Hayao Miyazaki’s animations.

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Its lofty instrumentals, layered propensities, and contemplative drama brings to mind an expanse, boundless and free. Your mind automatically clears up and widens to make space and absorb for the composition’s bounty. Orchestral formats ring quiver with synth highlights, inky acoustics, soft flutes, and just an overall ethereal ethos. Lot of nature elements seem to have inspired the sound, its serenity, the early morning dew, the green, the mist, and the rising sun. It is abject and so beautifully absolute. Listen Now!

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