Ozz Gold proves you don’t have to have your toe in the music world to make it. His music creates a world that is ideal, imaginary, but full of happiness. His music is unique in the way his perspective is. Breaking through the charts with his hit track Unknown, he has a new release. This one is called Sweet Escape.

Creating a cushion of sound, the vocals have an orchestra of silk to sing along to. This song shows Ozz Gold and his love for minimal interjection. As the song builds, the synths keep as accompaniments, without taking away attention from the vocals. When the bass drops, you realize how smoothly he transitioned from the vocals to the danceable chorus. Inspirations of this unique artist range from masters such as Kygo and Alesso. There is a soulful atmosphere he is able to hone, if not manifest, with the music he chooses to make. With an unorthodox entry into music, it is evident that this artist has the goods to make your dance floor something of a full house moment. I wouldn’t worry about it if you loop this song all day, it really is that good.

Ozz Gold prepares his perspective through a unique lens change. From military service to making music, this isn’t a story you hear regularly. There is a brilliance in the orchestration and construction of these songs that weave a tapestry not everyone can control. Listen to Rest of Me and When I’m With You to really hear the love blossom. Listen to his single here: