Hailing from the streets of Sydney West, Australian singer-songwriter and artist, Penelope Pettigrew is all about the performative elements of sound. Aligned with her larger than life personality and free spirit, her music gives us a taste of vivacity with its zealous hyper pop beats. In her latest single, BiConic (The Remix), Penelope Pettigrew collaborates with DJ, Mind Electric to revolutionize the original version (released late last year). The track is released alongside two other remix version, Remix Radio and Remix Dub! 

The track chronicles the artist’s sexual liberation with celebration and pride. Bisexual, Iconic, BiConic. Using flamboyant synths and high energy beats, the electro-pop style is used to get an anthemic rise out of the listener. It is fun, free and fabulous. It is impressive to see Mind Electric double the hyperactivity of the original version, without diluting its essence. So come fill your ears with this splashy, over the top, grand display of sonics. 

Penelope is unapologetically herself and her music reflects it. Her confidence is compelling, empowering, and super fun! It is no wonder, she has gained over 100,000 monthly streams on Spotify within three years of her debut! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to BiConic (Mind Electric Remix) by Penelope Pettigrew here – 

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