Phantom Isle has come in hot with their brand new release, 2001. With Peter Marchant as the lead guitarist, Joshua Guy on keyboards, and Thorne on drums, this electro-rock band makes revolutionary soundscapes that are visceral and memorable.

A playful bassline draws us into a vortex of popping electronic melodies. It’s as if we’re trapped in a vintage video game. The melodies roam between your ears, creating a world of neon accents and dancing lasers in the mind. Thoroughly hypnotizing, the track is a yawning cave of trippy psychedelia. The scintillating vocals are smooth, balancing out the edgy textures of the electro-pop tunes. But, its smoky personality further intensifies the hypnotic effect of the song.

A rock guitar outfit and vocals emerge in the second verse, pumping through the futuristic template of the song. The visuals created by this song are simply mind-blowing. Albeit abstract, it immutably surfaces, peddling through soundscapes with popping color and leaks into the psyche cavity. We see beautiful funk accents and fresh pools of synths and arousing falsettos in the bridge before the track escapes into a jungle of rock, peeling away to its climax.

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