PolSky create quite the atmosphere with their music. Their tones and stylistic approaches are heard and appreciated by fans all over, and they have a steady base of music lovers. You might have heard their incredibly popular single, 100 Million Ways to Die. Featured in several indie playlists, they are a band that won’t stop any time soon. This is their latest single, Song For the Silver Surfer-Aphrodite Mix. 

If you haven’t heard Aphrodite’s remixes, they are a must. Reading through the song, he picks out the best qualities, to accentuate it and make it catchier. The original by PolSky is popular as well, in this case getting a disco revamp in a way. Though the melody is untouched, the verse goes through a quicker, tempered beat section. It rejoices the message, the lyrics and feeling behind the song. Perhaps soaking in the essence of the song is what it does with a panache unlike any other remix. True justice is done, with the beat and drop-the chorus still remaining as rich as it was. The vocals remain the catchiest part of the track, the build-up making it an absolute banger. Crafting the additional bassline must have been Aphrodite’s favourite part.

PolSky are known for their unique lyrics and ability to have some great melody writing in their tracks. Halcyon Daze is another underrated track, and their remixes have quite some spice to them. Aphrodite remains popular with his jungle like energy to songs, his albums doing justice to mixing and remixing. Listen to their music and follow them for more: