This electronic dance music revolution of Pratto is sensational! In his new track, Into The Night, Pratto magnifies the excitement and romance of nighttime with exotic blends and celebratory swells of electronics. 

The combination of hearty vocals, euphoric synths and dance beats launch us into dreamy worlds of movement of vivacity. Redolent of Zedd, Jonas Blue, Avicii, and Galantis. 

The track showcases the versatility of the artist. It’s apparent in the way he drives movement and impresses it with emotion. And with its magnificent melody syncopation and beat development, the track blooms with astro visuals. 

By fusing the zeal of deep house arrangements and sound profiles with Jordan Grace’s memorable pop vocals, the track is incredibly addictive. The advanced chord structures and innumerable hooks sprinkled across make for a rich and engaging listening experience. 

The artist debuted in September 2022 with his single Just For The Night. Its R&B/Soul showcase became an instant favorite, amassing over 30k streams within a month of its release. His sophomore single, The Ode, was a hip-hop-styled EDM track featuring Northside Nate and Millicent! Its beautiful verses, mellifluous pop harmonies and melodies boosted it to the artist’s most listened track with over 70k streams in a couple of months! 

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, and YouTube Music! 

You can listen to Into The Night by PRATTO, featuring Jordan Grace here –