RBLN is an electronic music artist and producer from Palm Springs. His work is inspired by the rhythms, momentums, movements, and patterns of real life. There’s an elegant insight that drives his soundscapes. RBLN dabbles in all shades, gradients, and propensities of electronic music, ranging from dubstep, jungle, drum & bass to lofi, house, techno, and trance. More than conceptual, tapping into his music is like being elevated to a unique plane of consciousness; that is full of symmetry, dynamism, dance, contemplation, and mystery. The abstract spaces are so full of potential. You can harvest them and infuse them into your own energy quotients.

The artist’s latest release is ‘Séance’. It is strange and promiscuous. You’ll feel like you’re suspended in the middle of nowhere and everywhere. The music and energy forms evasively around you. It is made of deja vus, mirages, intuitions, and dreams. RBLN introduces it with dubstep frames, dragging it through surreal movies of hip-hop, afrobeats, and synth adventures. It alters the mind chemistry so seamlessly, and robs it of all sense of reality. So if you’re looking to escape into an intoxicating universe of sound, light, color, sensibility, and energy, this is the track for you!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Séance’ by RBLN here –