ReeZ3ssi0N’s ideation comes in the form of futuristic and innovative electronica. His sonic design is vested with nebulous atmospheres, a characteristic of modernity as it exists today. It is exciting in its suspense and supreme in concept. Using pulsating rhythms, sizzling bass lines, and upping melodies, there’s an irrepressible circuit of vibrancy that forms. ReeZ3ssi0N has just released a three-part single, titled ‘Starter’. He indulges the mercurial spirit of industrial, with the sumptuous builds of house music and dance rhythms. There’s also a lot of techno and other electronic strokes that he employs to untether the mind from inane planes.

iTunes Artwork for 'Starter - Single (by ReeZ3ssi0N)'

The Starter trilogy opens with the truncated momentum in ‘After One’. Swept with bass lasers, trip-hop beats, and slabs of metallic textures, it is transcendental to the point of psychedelic. With deliberate symmetries and evolving patterns, it consumes the mind with its unique sonic boosts. ‘The Late’ has a more fluid rhythm : continuous yet dynamic. Punching beats underlie the polished synthwave. Each undulation has an energetic grandeur. Finally, ‘Insane’ is a voluminous rise, luscious in its strokes and evolving in its course. A deep bass resonance underlies it, fulfilling and empowering the pulsing melodic blocks. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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