Operating under his musical Moniker, Refrakt (NY), American producer and DJ, Ian Daly has just released his debut EP, False Memories. Glistening with obsidian perspectives, his music is a layered masterpiece that draws us into fantastic reveries. The four track EP is composed of two originals, False Memories and Ventana Del Universo along with their remixes. Originally from Michigan, the artist is now based in New York with an acclaimed reputation in dance music that features a unique blend of disco, techno, and world beats. 

The track has a deep-seated bass that amplifies its personality. High-powered and tense, these glowering lines of mercurial bass is what lends the song an abysmal darkness. Accentuated with silver disco beats and well-formed melodies, the track harnesses energy and cultivates it with skill. 

The sonic design and development is dynamic, with each frame giving us a glimpse into a whole new world. The first frame is made up of earthy percussion, the second, ethereal harmonies. And the last frame combines vibrant synths with them to create a rich wave of sound. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to False Memories by Refrakt (NY) here –