Reue might have what it takes to change the atmosphere of a club. With smooth and calculated movements, he is the overlord of trap, EDM and electronica worlds. He knows he’s definitely making memories along with music. His latest track with Synthemesc is called Always Late. See why he has an edge over his other contemporaries.

There is no doubt in the production department. Each note, bass drop and flow is so well-placed, it feels like you’re in the club. His music draws you in, into the haze that he’s created for himself and you. This track is an interesting mixture of electronic experimentation, along with the comfort of house. Dance your way around the club, pub or even at home with the kind of composition he has made. With his singles raising expectations constantly and creating a rich, dense background of synth leads, beats and mesmerizing atmospheres, we can see why his hometown considers him a prodigy already.

Reue is bringing this concocted special cocktail of audio pleasure for a while now. His tracks like Your Effect, Falter and Song 1 show him experimenting with a call and response within his track itself. They fold into each others, beats and synth parts that slowly layer to create a textural composition you need more than a mind to see. To involve in his process is to enjoy it, so listen to his tracks below to understand how he creates complex yet catchy layers with his musicality.