Richard Green’s musical mind works in genius ways. The unique marriage of electronica/dance music with neo-classical trajectories to form thematic aesthetics (in this case spatial) is a gift that keeps on giving! In his new release, Astronaut, Richard Green wonderfully scales spatial themes to create a reimagined universe of music. With vivid accents and seamless segues, the artist is able to balance contemporary with classical, movement with wisdom, and known with the unknown.

The EDM poses a futuristic implication, punctuated with ethereal pockets of echoes. And this is equilibrated by orchestral violin arrangements, tight with emotions and streamlined with haunted harmonies. The swift violin arcs lend the song a secondary rhythm, that serendipitously aligns with the electronic beats. In several frames, the artist smoothly adapts the violin tails to fit into an electronica mold, creating a lilting harmony within the track.

Green has always had a musical inclination. From having studied guitar since the age of 12 and then obtaining his degree in music and as a guitarist, the artist has had a wealth of interaction with it. Based in London, the Italian musician, guitarist, and composer debuted in 2020 with his single, Dark Horses, and has since released over fifteen singles and two EPs.

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