Rubik is the musical moniker of genre-defying artist and producer, Shaun Yule. His music is the direct result of his conceptual mind as he explores the nuances of novel rhythm design and sound profiles. And listening to his work is an exercise in profound creativity. In his latest track, The Glass Fountain, Rubik collaborates with British singer-songwriter and dark folk artist, Sharron Kraus to deliver a mystically powered electro-folk track. 

The track opens with rivulets of folk flute melodies that curve into a tight bass space. The drum and bass intensive sound sets the trajectory of the song. And layered with dark synth lines and luminous sound accents, the listener experiences the dual alchemy of sound. As the song progresses, the flute-induced ethereum filters into the hyperactive waves of singular synths. Glassy chimes and sparkling dots flow out, ringing with brightness and magic. 

Having been active for over two decades, since 1995, Shaun’s releases exemplify his unique craftsmanship and innovation. He crosses across genres, from sample driven sounds to operatic interludes to Christmas music, and classical music. His discography is littered with diverse music patterns and influences that take the listener to imaginative spaces. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to The Glass Fountain by Rubik featuring Sharron Kraus here –