Electronic and Alternative Synth duo RYAL are back with their fourth single of the year, What I Mean To You. With Jacque Ryal churning out keyboard and vocal magic and Aaron Nevezie on production, the track makes for a wonderful listening experience.

The unique quality of Jacque’s vocal timbre and style is beautifully brought out in the song. Its international vibe plays perfectly into the minimalistic soundscape. Whimsically arranged, the track is like a mixed bag of trinkets, shiny and gleaming when you pick it apart. The synth melodies are channeled into lovely patterns. They change and adapt seamlessly based on the purposes and functions assigned to them. In one segment, they are used as punctuations, and in another, a glinting stream of euphonies that feed and expand the vocals.

The percussive profile swings with its own eccentricity. We see a variety of beat textures and tempos. Just like the synths, they flow with the song, fluid and loose. Its flexible structure allows it to be malleable in a way that serves the artists’ vision of the song and brings it to fruition.  A strong contemporary aesthetic emerges from the song – minimalistic and extemporaneous. It sets its own rhythm, claims its space – leaks into reality and shrinks into itself, and dictates its destiny.

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