Sage Suede is an electronic music artist from Austin, Texas. Often experimental and unique, his sound is driven by his imaginative mind and creative vocations. Using visual textures and matching them with active melody builds, Sage tells a layered story. The soundscape forms around it like a three dimensional portrait, if you will. This single, New Diet is taken from Sage Suede ‘s fourth album, Renegade. Released in August, 2022, the album explores contemporary narratives around drugs and sex. Blatantly hedonistic and a priceless self-indulgence piece, it is forty two minutes of celebratory fun. 

New Diet leads this movement, featuring Girlxhighlight. With an ubiquitous fuzziness coating the vibrant synths, the listener gets a filtered sound. The powerful bass lines are displayed with their conspicuous vibrations. Its texture and timbre is reinforced by Sage’s rolling pop-rap. The simultaneity of sound comes through even in the vocal delivery. With Girlxhighlight’s electro-soprano forming alongside Sage’s voice. The ricocheting bloom of textures gets real trippy, especially when paired with the marching rhythm. Catchy and loopy, it is impossible to get out of your head! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to New Diet by Sage Suede here –