Sam Hughes is a contriver like no other, in some ways. Fusing a catalogue of genres that wouldn’t have even been fathomed usually, he takes long strides. His songs bring in the best of jazz, hip-hop, R&B and a pop vibe that might look just wrong on paper. This is his single, I Can Fly.

With a string lead and competitive layering vying for your attention, you can’t enjoy Sam Hughes in the background. Specific attention has to be paid to his merging of styles and eclectic tastes, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The vocals juxtapose expertly between on and off beats, still tying roots to the rhythm. The song has a laid back atmosphere, yet actively creates a membrane of sound that is exciting to listen to. There is a mixologists’ paradise in this realm, and Sam knows how to tread thin ice with grace. His implementation is really clever, it doesn’t force aspects of songs that might not be a homogenous mix.

His album The Street is available now, with instrumentals to turn the day around. It has some of his best work, and calculated measures into creating some fusion that will be appreciated by music lovers all over. He’s just begun this method of formulating, listen to his single here: