SEGANA is an exercise in energy synergy. The alt-pop group from Australia are known for their uplifting electronic music, flavored by high-energy pop and sometimes even disco. Fever Dreams is a prime example of the true SEGANA style. The soaring electro-pop track’s distilled sound is oriented towards delirium, brought on by a hyper-active mind. Listeners of Alan Walker, Major Lazor, Marshmallow and Avicii are sure to enjoy the stellar sonics and emotive brilliance of SEGANA. 

The thrilling rhythm is at the bedrock of the track. Its centrifugal force attracts the flashy synths and bass lines to itself. And as it pulses with hyper excitement, its emotional membrane is fed by smooth melodic baritones. With each sonic rotation, the energy is multiplied exponentially until it is snowballing explosion geared to a euphoric climax. 

The name Segana is a representation of the group’s musical intention to spread great vibes. And that’s exactly what they do. Loaded with vibrant hooks and built on fantastic beats, they deliver potent and prime performances. The group debuted in 2018 with Forget You. The electric combination of soul pop and synths instantly put them on the map and is their most streamed track. Since then, they’ve released six tracks, with this latest one rising to their second most streamed track within a couple weeks of its release. 

The track is available for streaming on all popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Fever Dreams by SEGANA here –