Sonomancer has just dropped a new single, Stoppage Time. And just as the name suggests, the artist magnificently soundtracks moments of life. His soundscapes range from fantasy to sci-fi, horror, and all the other blurry lines in between.

With the energy of play and discipline of sport, the synths and beats create streams of excitement. The artist uses a racing tempo and tight lines of melodies to showcase palpable tension, anticipation, and swelling hope. He commands the soundscape like a puppet, lifting a pitch here, manipulating the frequency there. We see frames of familiar sounds like whistling and cheering within the track that reveals the emotion in the sound. 

It’s really fantastic to see how the artist is able to intricately construct resilient lines of emotion. Each element is arranged with intention ~ an intention to win. They are all tightly packed with the thick emotional current that flows through the body and blood of the audience, players, and the game in the last ten seconds of a game. As time (tempo) tumbles to its end, the melodies realize their potential and harness it spectacularly. The balance that the artist strikes is perfect. He slowly edges into the adrenaline and builds it up with rolling lines of magnificent synths.

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Listen to Stoppage Time by Sonomancer here –