Stuta P is a talented composer. He is a magician and sorcerer with beats, and grooves. Understanding the kind of textures he can produced has made some great music, and it is all in Let the Funk Out. It is this album that features his song, Copenhagen

Sampled from California Love by Tupac Shakur, the groove and funk is till by Stuta P. the beats grow on you, it is a dance track in its core. Funky transitions, keys and a general good vibe travel in this track, in good measure. As a song, it isn’t worth much lyrically, but to get you cues to watch the beat change magnificently. This composer has put in hours to get the kind of clarity and energy this kind of song would usually have. You can hook to the song for the whole evening, and you’ll probably have a ball listening to the infectious synth riff. Songs like Speedlight in the album are also must listens, so make sure you go through the collection. 

Stuta P is just making EDM fun again. This means looking at different genres, mash-ups and more creative explosions that he will document. You can listen to his single and explore his album for your party below. Get your dance shoes out, and party like it’s the 80s with Copenhagen!: