The new disco wave has several massive tides in it. Sugar Nova are the particular duo that want to ride that wave. With their surfboards ready, they prepare for action with their latest disco single, Send Me Higher. It’s definitely going

to switch the mood of your party and bring a little pep to that step, while dancing.

The bass and beat are a cohesive pair, while the treble loving keys are highlighted. The lyrics are relatively simple, something you’ll eventually be singing within the first listen. The funky pop is the colour bleeding into the song, the guitar groove setting deep within the atmosphere that they’ve created so well. The bridge and build-up is rewarding, bringing onwards the gush of layers and sounds that this song lays out so well. The bridge allows us to really appreciate the vocals, crystal clear and melodic-really feeling the lyrics.

This catchy single is the result of a happy meeting we’re glad happened. If their first single is such a kicker, there is a lot that we can pray and dance for. These musicians know how to perfectly encapsulate a track, the song ends as it started. The beautiful full circle is fun to hear. This is the sound Sugar Nova will be known for, and we’re all for these kinds of compositions. Listen to their single here: