Sun Lite experiences the world at an electronic frequency. Under the banner of electronica, the artist catalogs his thoughts, agendas, and worldviews using myriad genres like rock, pop, soul, psychedelia, funk, dance, disco, folk, jazz, reggae, and blues among others. In his latest album, Unicorns & Dragons, Sun Lite crafts musical myths and legends. He blends iconic aesthetics and sonics to create a timeless sound. 

The title track has a naturalistic base loaded with nature sounds like bird songs, leaves rustling and bamboo creaking. Sun Lite builds a sci-fi orchestra on this foundation; its rhythm draws us into an ominous hypnotism. The use of potent baritones to synthesize diverse texture frames and styles shows off the artist’s virtuosic musical direction. 

Pastoral moments of folk flute melodies stream past the fuzzy electronics. The track has the robust machination of world music, bursting with diversity and richness. Ethereal choral arrangements make for a wonderful backdrop for the rock beats and vocals towards the bridge. The artist delights in creating musical surprises as is evident in his previous albums, Out Your Earplugs, Off Your Blinkers and Beam Me Up, Scotty! Journeying through the refined unions of eclectic and drastic genres is a unique experience in magic. 

The track is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Apple Music! 

You can listen to Unicorns & Dragons by Sun Lite here –