As an electronic music artist and producer, Tate Sedar has long since established himself as a visionary. His releases spell out his reputation for sophisticated vision, effortless execution, and progressive style. As a musician, Tate is inspired by a range of other artists. One of them being the pop rock/ indie rock band, The 1975.

Speaking about his latest release, ‘Oh Caroline (Tate Sedar Remix) – The 1975’, the artist said “As a fan of The 1975, I’ve always felt their tracks had a little dance groove waiting to come out. I fiddled with a couple of their songs over the years and finally was able to come up with this remix that encapsulates my new sound in ‘post-EDM’ (analog and digital instrumentation). In many ways, the track represents a new threshold in his journey.

Tate launches the original track into a whole new plane of music. Blending affecting facets of techno, dubstep, house music, and synth pop, he quite literally breathes new life into it. With dynamic rhythms, colorful melodies, addictive beats and inventive production, it is incredible how he lures the dance out and expands it phenomenally. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on Soundcloud!

You can listen to ‘Oh Caroline (Tate Sedar Remix) – The 1975’ here –