There was a group called Lipps. Inc that plagued many radios during the late 70s. The Wavos bring that disco, electronic goodness with them in their songs. It reminds people of a time when music was enjoyed for music’s sake. There are no political undertones here. Get on the dance floor and dance with Here We Go!

As you would get to know from the title, this track is a dance number. With alluring electronic layering making for a tight, danceable groove-it is no wonder this track is on the way to becoming one of their most popular ones. The Wavos do it right, create a catchy bassline and simple lyrics that everyone can latch on to the first time they hear a track like this. The moments afterwards are just spent having a good time with the beat. The mixing capabilities are extraordinary, the blend between sections is smoother than ever.

Of course, you might know them from their popular track, Buffalo Girls. Their 2021 EP is complete as a dance album, it has everything you need for your party. Their arrangements and composition is simple, but the formula of likeability is from how they put the track across. This new wave scene revival is something we are all for, so listen to their latest track here: