Brace your neck for whiplash, because this is time travel, baby. THELIXX release their new single Hayley, and the indie-pop trio are on fire with their releases lately. If you’ve reached the club and hate the music, go back home and put their releases on, it guarantees a good time.

With a quick, layered beat like Charlie Puth’s Stay, THELIXX make the vocals and background all part of the same puzzle. Often, musicians get carried away and move away from the main composition. Hayley allows this group to come back, to think about what she’s done, and the masterpiece of the song they have because of her actions. The chorus is the real hook, where the guitars and synths all flow into one delicious sonic brew. These guys know how to make a composition count, because they are yet to release a sad, lull of a track till now. Their energy is unmatched, and the instrumental breaks in between are quick yet precise enough to get your attention.

Their 2021 single Magic has been their best work till now, but Hayley might be on the way to dethrone that song. It has all these effects and changes in tune, tempo and style-most importantly a great chorus that will get people pushing repeat till they know where each note folds. THELIXX are a band that are true to making good music, and this song definitely doesn’t disappoint. Listen to their song here: