DJ and House music artist, Uncle Tower has just released his debut single, In the Clouds. Dark and grooving, cosmic secrets sprout out from the soundscape. Cryptic and obscure, the artist’s bio is as enigmatic as his art – “Tower is the Uncle your parents never told you about. When Jack said, “Let there be House”, Uncle Tower was the first to start dancing.”

A heartbeat tempo opens the song and slowly expands with veiled synth melodies. Like the formation of the universe, the track grows and evolves gradually. Spacy synths unravel like newborn star systems and leave trippy trails of melody in their wake. We also see intense electronic dance beats with an intense and irrepressible energy that has you grooving. The deep basslines paired with tense laser synths give the track a vintage science fiction vibe.

Like the clouds, the track is in a constant state of movement and metamorphosis. Its mystery and mystique are electrifying and keep us on our toes. Dark and gloomy, with sprouts of color and memorable rises, the track explores themes like horror, hope, beauty, passion, belief, and tranquility. Weaved into each other, the track explores their union and separation. The pumping beats are unrelenting and addictive.

Packed with the known, knowable and unknowable, the track has an inexplicable range that can only be experienced. The beats will have you in a fit of blissful delirium before the song is over. It is the perfect new song for Techno and EDM simps to add to their rave playlists.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music!

Listen to In the Clouds by Uncle Tower here –