YEAHRIGHT is an electronic music artist and producer with a stellar visual sonic and beat collection. With versatile weaves, he meanders through EDM, house, trap, and electro-pop. For his latest release “HOT HOT HOT” YEAHRIGHT collaborates with Dance Music Now, Trap Music Now, and Jolie to resurrect a beloved Spanish tropical anthem with vibrant frames of electronics. Its drastic shifts, dynamic beat cycles, and tempo-addled vocals will have the listener moving and dancing. Listeners of Pitbull, Enrique, Shakira, and Don Omar are sure to enjoy the carefree rhythms and fun atmospheres of these artists. 

The track is an electronic music extravaganza. It opens with lush synths, springing trumpets, and jumping beats before an aggressive beat attack takes us to a room of trap beats. Jolie’s colorful pop vocals ride the melodies to high points, taking the listener with it. The bursting hues of the tropic form in the mind as the track brings its energy in real-time. Darting between flamboyant electro-pop and sensual trap frames, it inspires an exhilarating combination of movement, music, freedom, and fun. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Hot Hot Hot by YEAHRIGHT featuring Dance Music Now, Trap Music Now, and Jolie here –