Ymkje de Bijl aka YME! is an independent artist from The Netherlands. As an autistic artist, she tears the outdated narratives around the disorder and claims her sense of self and identity. Her music is largely influenced by her mother, E-Starr who was the female vocalist of 80s hit music group Ottawan. Blending pop flavors with dance beats and disco synths, the artist creates riveting and energetic flows. In her new release, I Rule The World, YME launches spirited into her self-made destiny.

The basslines run the track to speedy highs. And with laser neon synths dancing vivaciously, YME’s smooth soul vocals sails through. The artist is a master puppeteer. Its truncated and angular rhythm arrangements summon hyperactive movements by magnifying energy reserves in the sonics. “I rule the (my own) world, no one can stop me!” With this affirmation, she takes us to the sky.

The artist’s music is meant to empower and inspire others like her to be brave and rise above their condition. As a devoted advocate for self pursuit, YME highlights the importance of defining your own limits and being more than your disorder. “Show yourself before it’s too late. I’m my boss just like everybody else.” Her passion blossoms out of her electric soundscapes and will definitely have you wanting more.

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