Anjalts will give you the entire spectrum of music at no extra charge. The prolific musician is going places with just her talent and charisma to offer. An alternative style that blends non-traditional aspects, the result is listening to something that is equivocally her. This is her latest single, Are U Ok.

The groove and dissonant guitar define the space. Choosing a unique container, she uses a percussive switch at the back, over which ambient guitar work floods. The electronic infusion comes in eventually, with a reach out into the echoing clouds. It is like listening to another approach of Nine Inch Nails, and the vocals come in only after 1:20. Her vocals are a gentle balance, the anti-matter of her energetic rhythm movement. As a musician, she has pushed herself in all kinds of directions to create this fun, exciting sound. You can see this kind of experimental sound truly pay off in songs like Code Blue as well. Anjalts is a songwriter who wants to push those boundaries that have been limited by years of boxing it in. 

You can catch more of her singles on her Spotify, especially singles like Heaven Has Another Door. Always eager, she’ll continue to release music with an enigmatic zeal that her fingerprint has become. Listen to her single and follow her for more!: