Asaf Ashkenazy is an artist who is based in Israel and writes in both English and Hebrew songs. This is an artist who is known for his emotional compositions that portray every emotion with beauty. This is surely an artist who can make flowers bloom or your eyes numb with his mere vocals. The ecstatic vocal texture is surely something to die for. I fell in love with his heartfelt vocals right off the bat. He started performing his music in 2018 as an acoustic solo act and with his band – “Dog In Yard”. His genre is a blend of indie rock/folk/blues/Americana.

I recently discovered this artist through his track ‘Don’t Cry’, which is a part of the EP named ‘Dog In Yard’. The track starts off with a mellow guitar chord and then slowly progresses with the drums. The vocals flow in like honey, sweet and rejuvenating. The track is surely something that can make the listener feel profound emotions. You should surely give this amazing track a go if you’re into mellow music that feels like bliss. The drums are rhythmic and act as the backbone of the track. The lyrics are powerful and full of emotions. I truly enjoy such beautiful compositions. The vocals are well-sung and hold the vibe of the track with beauty.

Overall, this is an amazing track that will leave you with goosebumps if you have ever fallen in love. Do try it out, it is highly recommended. You can catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Don’t Cry’ by ‘Asaf Ashkenazy here-