Bagedai consists of five female lead singers and dancers hailing from one of China’s most remote countries. Ximeng is the homeland of the Wa people who are one of Yunnan’s many ethnic groups. The formerly primarily hunter-gathering community have left a unique mark on the Chinese music scene. Made up of many experienced Wa musicians, Bagedai has been consistently releasing music in the new year. “Mou Hei Lang” is the first track on their latest self-titled album.

The track has drums that are heavy and anthemic along with guitar instrumentation that is rock-adjacent. The bass is subtle yet extremely groove-y and these modern elements serve as a backdrop to the very sharp yet flow-ey traditional flute and the many authentically Chinese instruments. The vocals that are almost always in chorus have voices of all ranges. We get one solo voice amidst the single and the overall vocal performance is soulful, evocative and energetic! At times the track feels meditative. It pays homage to nature and feels very connected to the land.

“Mou Hei Lang” is the perfect blend of traditional songs of the Wa people with Western instrumentation. The track manages to be inviting and familiar enough for the average global listener while not compromising on the authenticity of the form. It is easy to tap into because of the production that keeps the momentum going! I encourage you to check out the high-energy, rhythmic track “Mou Hei Lang” by Bagedai and the entirety of their latest self-titled album here: