Bones in Butter is an alternative musical act led by Serbian artist and singer-songwriter, Milutin Krašević. With a cultured indie-rock sound accentuated by flagrant electronica and ethereal synths, the six-piece outfit is as romantic as it gets. In their new single, Scenes From The Metro, Bones in Butter creates mesmerizing loops of reverie inspired by frames of human life on the metro. 

Its slow build is founded on swells of transcendental harmonies, overlapping layers of synths, blips of glistening electric guitar, and metallic beats. With a run-time of a little over five minutes, the mercurial flows and whimsical rhythm arrangements wonderfully trace the contours of randomness. A dash of tragedy, a generous course of nostalgia, and an unending supply of poetic madness mold the track into a magnificent ritual of existence and being. 

With Luna Škopelja on vocals and samples, Todor Živković on guitars, Dejan Škopelja on bass, Tom Fedja Franklin on drums, and Srdjan Popov on mixing, the band is a resonance of an absurdist aesthetic. Its surreal blends create a profound sense of wakefulness and clarity. 

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