Canadian singer-songwriter and music producer Boni has an individualistic approach to music. Guided by intuition and informed by psychedelics, his electro-rock sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. The artist describes his music as, “A playful combination of funky guitar-driven grooves with lush synth landscapes in a raw DIY aesthetic.” With his debut release, Saturday Night, Boni introduces his homegrown style with a bright and tropical ambience.

Listening to the track is like dipping into the entrancing waters of surrealism. The chill riffs and lo-fi beats lend their buoyancy to the cavalier vocal attitude. Alternating between slow and hyperactive tempos, the artist creates imaginative spaces with a flexible rhythm design. And as the song progresses, Boni alters the textural qualities, replacing the electro basslines and beats with acapella accents and earthy folk beats.

Overcast in a fuzzy aftermath and dazed reveries, it is impossible to stay unaffected by its hypnotic formations. They become worlds within the world built by the artist. There is adventure, excitement, and dance, just like a Saturday nights.

The track is available for streaming on all popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Saturday Night by Boni here –

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